NUC Installation Instructions

  1. When you arrive home, place the NUC on top of the bottom screen board of your hive.   Do Not Feed Nuc.
  2. Remove the front screen door with bungee cord - let the front door drop to the ground.
  3. Make sure that the front screen door is off otherwise the bees will Die!
  4. Next day if it is at least 60 degrees (or if it is raining wait until the weather is better)
  5. Bees are perishable...We give out the nucs when the bees are ready to go into a hive. If you leave them in the nuc box they will swarm....PLEASE install in hive body as soon as weather permits you to.
    • Put three (new) frames in your new hive body that you are going to install your NUC frames into.
    • Lightly smoke the NUC.
    • Remove one of the outside frames first Very Gently (it should have less bees on it). This will give room to slide frames over and not roll bees when removing them from the NUC.
    • Install your NUC frames into the new hive body in the same order you removed them from the NUC box.
    • Make sure you have a queen before you remove any queen cells while you are installing your bees. If you are sure you do, find any queen cells and make sure you remove them.
    • Then put your last two frames (new) in and your hive is complete! You will have a total of ten frames in your new hive.
  6. If you find some bees lingering in the NUC box, this is normal. Move the NUC box a few feet away from your new hive and leave your lid off, the bees will find their way to their new home!
  7. Start feeding sugar water now!!
    • 2 quarts of hot water mixed with 4 lbs. of sugar, let it cool; then give to bees.Refrigerate the rest of the sugar water for next feeding.
    • Feed until 80% of the hive body frames are drawn out then make #1 frame #2 and #9 frame #10 and Add Honey super Feed Honey super for 7 to 10 more days.
  8. No frame exchange please.
  9. If you didn't purchase your NUC box & equipment up front, Please return our NUC box & equipment at any time within 7 days. Make sure your name is still taped on the top of your NUC box. Leave the NUC box & equipment next to Buster's garage (where you picked up your NUCs). This way we can keep a count on our equipment. We need this equipment to install another NUC for another beekeeper. Thank you!
  10. If our NUC box & equipment is not returned within 7 days you will be charged as follows.
    • NUC box- $60.00
    • Front screen door- $10.00
    • 24" bungee cord-$5.00
    • feeding cap $1.00
    • Or a total of $76.00 for all of the equipment per NUC.
  11. Congratulations!! You have one hive of bees!!

NUC Installation Instructions
NUC Installation Instructions
NUC Installation Instructions
NUC Installation Instructions
NUC Installation Instructions