Buster’s Bio

Previously, Buster and his bees had a large impact within the local bee keeping community.

He worked full time at Delta until he recently retired, he will forever hold his full time love for his wife Fran and honey bees.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA

Certified Beekeeper, having passed the written exam May 2012, through the UGA/Young Harris Bee Institute.

Previously Buster was a:

Board member of Tara Beekeepers and Henry County Beekeepers.

Member of Coweta Beekeepers, Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association, East Metro Beekeepers Club.

The North District Director for the Georgia Beekeepers Association. 

He also raised NUCs and queens chemically free, carried a full line of beekeeping supplies, preformed swarm collections, live/hive removal from structures, apiary consultations, mentoring and public speaking.

He has always and continues to sell muti-year award wining local raw honey.  

Buster’s Wife Fran

Buster has been married to Fran 48 years.

That’s longer than the bees!!! She is his original “Queen Busy Bee”

When you interact with Buster’s Bees you will probably speak with Fran, Buster’s wife.

Fran is also known within the family as “Oma” which is a Dutch term representing Grandmother

Oma and Opa (Buster) have been working together in the bee keeping community for over 30 years now.

Feel free to call her Fran or Oma as once you have interacted with Buster’s Bees we consider you part of our Bee Family.

Fran was also Vice President of the Tara BeeKeepers Board for 8+ years.


In this image is Buster and his Granddaughter  CJ.


Ever since Buster was a boy he knew he wanted to have honey bees when he grew up. About 30 years ago buster got his first hive.


Buster won beekeeper of the year 2014 at Tara Beekeepers association where he was a board member for 10+ years.

Buster’s bees honey has won multiple awards multiple years.

Buster standing next to a full hive of bees.

Buster used to raise and distribute chemical free Queen Bees 

Queen Bee Cells are larger than normal bee cells.

Queen Cells and proper feeding are the only way a larva can turn into a Queen Bee.